Thursday, February 18, 2010

End of Days

I’ve just finished reading "Epicenter," best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg’s book on end-time prophecies and how current events seem to line up with them, especially with what's happening in Israel, the Arab nations and Russia.

A Messianic Jew, Rosenberg (“A strong Jewish brand name,” he jested during his recent 'Signs of the Times' conference at the Christ Commission Fellowship in Manila.) has for sometime hogged the limelight for his novels "The Last Jihad," "The Last Days," "The Ezekiel Option," "The Copper Scroll" and "Dead Heat."

Frankly, I still need to get these other books (I’ve arranged book swapping with friends to make sure these purchases fall within budget.) but reading Epicenter and some of his blog entries alone has revved my end-of-days interest to top gear.

So what pulls readers to Rosenberg’s books? Mainly this: That his story lines and their heart-stopping twists and turns uncannily resemble the real-life political thrillers of our times. Imagine this: In one of his novels, a political leader dies; and just after that book’s launch, his equivalent in real-life dies! And his novels abound with these eerily prophetic parallels. But he has countless times denied being a prophet.

To be sure, Rosenberg is a serious student of life, history and the Scriptures. With hawk-like attention to historical facts and current events, he analyzes situations through the lens of the bible, and carefully validates his research with biblical experts, scholars, political leaders and those with inside track of stories which even the media fail to catch.

Surely too, Rosenberg has made it his mission to warn us that God’s plan will prevail, and that the “current rumblings in the middle east” must not be taken lightly but instead compel us to preach Jesus and pray; and be prepared and expect that God’s grace and protection will see us through even in these last of the last days.

The end-time signs mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24 seem be getting more frequent by the day. The actual events chronicled in Epicenter seem to match perfectly.

Humbling ourselves before God—as we pray for Jerusalem, the rest of the world, political leaders, our nation, and our loved ones—would be our only hope even as these prophesies come to pass.

Christ is our only refuge. Because He promised to give us peace and save us from the tribulations that have now started to strike terror in the hearts of many.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Charlize, 3

“Thank you Lola Yay! And that's it,” replied Charlize as my daughter Lucci read my birthday email for her.

With them in Australia, we made do with phone and chat greetings, but I felt emailing my heartfelt wishes was still in order.

“My everdearest grandaughter Charlize, today is your birthday!

Lolo Jack and myself, Tito Carlo and Tita Opal very much want to be there to kiss you and hug you because today is your very special day.

“But since we could not be there, we're asking your Mom and Dad and Joaqui to give you lots of hugs and kisses for us. Mhwa! Whwa! Mhwa! Mhwa! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

”Now you're three years old and we've seen how pretty and smart you've grown. Be obedient to your Mom and Dad and be a good sister to Joaqui, OK?

“I hope you're not a cry baby any more and you're no longer peeing and pooing in your nappy. You're a good girl, we know.

“We want to hear you sing the next time we see you again. I've seen your dancing and singing in the video taken by your dad. That was really good!

”Jesus loves you and He wants you to grow up loving Him and obeying Him. We know you will!”